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Our story of riding horses and packing mules.

Our dream of running a professional outfitting business became a reality in the fall of 2001 when we had the opportunity to purchase Three Peaks Outfitters.  Our very first ride was with two wonderful couples from the Seattle area who this year went on their 16th annual trip with us.  From the day we started we have had one simple goal that we carry forward to this day: 


"Provide the highest quality experience for our guests on great horses with quality gear and share our love of the Alpine Lakes Wilderness and surrounding areas with all who join us on our trips."


Our family is deeply rooted and connected to our horses and mules.  We take pride in you riding any of our horses, all of whom we enjoy riding ourselves.  Quality stock are quite often the difference between a good ride and a great ride.  We provide you with savvy horses that are in shape, healthy, and have a sparkle in their eye.  As for our mules, they are the best in the business (yes, we're biased here) and always get the job done.


The Alpine Lakes Wilderness simply speaks for itself.  We are very fortunate to operate in country that has so much diversity and history attached to it.  The wilderness requires an outfitter who will take the extra steps to minimize stock impacts and to leave the wilderness better than we found it.  We are proud to be that outfitter.


So, as you consider what kind of trip you may be interested in, we would like to personally thank you for looking into the services we offer.  We hope to see you with us on the trail.



Scott and Michele Montgomery
January 2018



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